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possibly some flash flooding concerns as well. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar right now. you can already see big showers and storms, northern virginia, pounding places like cumberland maryland and moving towards frederick as we speak. flash flood watch up almost all central maryland, all of baltimore and dc area as well. a quick check of maryland's most powerful radar as we have it in motion here that is where the heaviest stuff is now. basically on a line from hagueers town down through winchester virginia, front loyal virginia and cull pepper, this will be moving steadily through dc and baltimore area through the evening. 80s. murky and humid now. another hour or so around baltimore but watching on the western side of town, expect showers and storms to arrive in the next few hours. much more about the outlook tonight. flood concerns how much things will change towards the weekend. all coming up rosie. >>> harper county authorities need your help catching a violent sex offender who seems to have struck again. the incident started in aberdeen and ended in forest hill
of the damage left behind from monday's storms >> the rain is welcomed in maryland in the powerful storms that hit yesterday afternoon. >> damage was sporadic with trees down. thunderstorms ripped through yesterday afternoon, for those hit hardest. >> water pouring down. it was hell >> the water was running down. >> reporter: it wasn't the rain. >> you heard this big boom and it sounded like a cannon going off. but it wasn't a cannon going off, it was lightening hitting the tree and the tree falling. >> reporter: lines were still hot and they're urging people to treat any line as dangerous. lightning caused one house fire >> the smoke from the vent in the middle and all of a sudden the fire started and the corner and that was it >> trees and heavy limbs fell. but no reports of injuries >> as bad as it is, power went out, we are grateful that no one got hurt. >> reporter: they continue to restore power down from a high of 50 homes and businesses without electricity. >> stay with us for first-warning weather coverage. for updates and live radar, log onto any time >>> a maryland gir
choices... to move maryland forward. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 "news at noon" in hd. >> good afternoon. i'm sarah caldwell. we begin with a check on the weather. will we see more storms like last night? and, a tornado warning. it was a busy morning. thus checking with sandra shaw. >> things have calmed down from this morning and last night. what we saw this morning was a radar-indicated tornado. they did extend the warning for carroll county. no reports of damage. there are still a few storms. we are encompassed in a mod did -- mahdi, moist humid air mass. there are more storms to our west, headed our way. the potential is for some high winds, heavy downpours -- everyone will not be effected. if you are caught in a storm, it is likely to be severe. it is 83 outside. 81 at the airport. the two points in the low 70's indicates there is so much moisture to work with. if we see storms, they will be intense. >> thank you. the high winds and rains le
you maryland's most powerful radar and the biggest problem is crossing over into delaware as of now. we still have a couple lingering showers around the chestertown area, churchhill, and all of this is sliding off to the north and east. things are going to look up. we have a temperature now into annapolis coming in at 73 degrees and by this afternoon, i'm forecasting a high around 87 degrees with showers and thunderstorms and back into the picture. okay, let's talk about the traffic now. good morning, kim. >> good morning. for everyone getting that early start, headed towards the dc metro area. 95 is looking good. if you are traveling to montgomery county, no problems on route 29, headed towards 495. as we look at our area around the baltimore metro, that's frederick road. traffic flowing freely. traffic doing okay around the area. no other issues on any other big roadways. here it is on the northwest side, moving at a very nice pace. 795 looking good as well. as we look at the maps, really just one incident at this time. that's going to be out in mount arie. route 144 closed in bo
central maryland, central maryland, west central maryland. and will probably start here in the city around 7:00, 8:00. and there can be heavy downpours as well. bernadette takes a look at this with me. >> as you heard, that means there is a flash flood watch in effect. it continues until late tonight. from all of the d.c. area, straight up through the baltimore metro area. and we expect some heavier rounds of rain out of what is coming our way. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> first warning weather coverage continues now with alex demetrick, with more on the cleanup that is still going on from last night's storms. >> reporter: vic, trees and utility lines were no march for what much of this storm that blasted through much of maryland yesterday evening. >> reporter: chainsaws roared to life from anne arundel county, north of baltimore county, finishing up what nature started, when powerful storms tore through much of the state. for those hit hardest, it was -- >> hell and water pouring down. it was hell. >> reporter: but it wasn't the rain tearing trees apart. it was lightning and win
around maryland tonight, as the possibility of more rain lingers. a live look outside shows us a flash flood watch is set to go in effect in less than an hour for the baltimore area. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk and bernadette woods are tracking live doppler radar. >> we do have the storms. all of that stuff is moving off to the east/northeast. and anywhere between 17 and 22 miles an hour. there you see a lot of activity, or all across allegheny and garrett county and neighboring counties. and across virginia and west virginia. west of washington, is headed for our region. one shower did fall right over ocean city there. there you see it just on the north of the delaware-maryland line. around the baltimore region. running away a little longer. probably maybe 6 to 7 to 8. because of the rain coming and the rain we just had yesterday, we have a flash flood watch in effect, which will go into effect at 6:00 tonight for the entire region. d.c. suburbs, through the baltimore region, up towards philadelphia, jersey, and the southern portions of pennsylvania as we
. spotlight on maryland weather in about 8 minutes. i got that right today. >> reporter: we've been following an early morning traffic alert for you. weather impacting our roads this morning. we're taking a live shot here. the east highway is closed in both directions between joans mill road and connecticut. the way to get around it if you're headed westbound use connecticut at joans bridge road. take that to joans mill and that will get you back on the east highway. all of this is posted at moving the shot over into arlington. that's where we have a tree that knocked down some wire. another weather related problem out here on north military road. the road is closed at 31st but happy to report you can take north pollard street of to 30th to get around it. also take note that traffic lights could be out. 66 headed eastbound. your delay is stretching from the fairfax county parkway from 123. thank you to an earlier accident. you're looking great up toward 66. not the case if you're on the outer loop in maryland because things are starting to drop speed between university over to geor
of the national urban league and a university of maryland professor were also honored. meanwhile, the maryland and first lady lead a domestic violence convention meeting in downtown baltimore. they discussed ways that states can solve problems regarding firearms, which often escalate domestic situations into debt situations. the first lady is particularly passionate about this issue after working as a state prosecutor. >> i see the horror in these cases and the sadness too that it affects the entire family. often this of violence occurs in front of children. >> they are working on increasing firearms safety, but also unfair treatment of domestic violence victims by the courts. >> the fda kicked off a two day meeting today, reviewing the safety of the diabetes drug avandia. there may be a risk of heart attack linked to the drug and it could be pulled from the market. we have the latest. >> this is not typical for an fda commissioner to address an advisory committee. >> the food and drug administration headpin's and typical head's appearance shows the seriousness of this meeting. the diabetes dr
maryland. some heavy rain falling there. and some rain falling across the bay. we have plenty of clouds. here is a look at what we're seeing. 74 here in the district. 73 in baltimore. ocean city and 69 out to the west and the forecast. take the umbrella with you. we're likely to see showers and storms during the course of the day that will cap the temperatures a warm and humid day. that's colling up in a bit. >> let's look at traffic. julie? >>> good morning to you if you are headed to 123 before you reach that exit here at the germantown overpass, the accident activity here using the left lanes headed in the direction of the beltway. as you continue. clay delays are forming. traveling along 355355 open for business this morning and south of the beltway and 410. that's where we have a tree reported a a tree down at that location. that's a check of the on time traffic. >>> we have a developing story this morning, an autopsy to identify remains in a ditch. it happened along route 1. the call came in at 8:00 last night. a driver spotted what appeared to be a skull and other remains. at thi
>>> now, good morning maryland. >> john caughter's funeral is today. that is strange to say. anyone who bounces a basketball knows his name, but now for the wrong reason. >> finally, there is hope of containing this gusher for the first time since that rig exploded back in april. >> when it poured last night and early this morning, did you think of all the volunteers? we will see how the extreme home makeover is going. >> i didn't go outside the grocery store, i can't imagine doing all that volunteer work. >> we'll get it done. they always do. >> they always do. you have seen them under crazy conditions, so -- >> this is crazy. >> all right, meteorologist, justin burke is off and louisiana lanette is in. >> most of it is all over the eastern shore. i'm going to show it to you in a second. we are still unsettled. the showers and thunderstorms are still out there. we will have a break as we go throughout the day. it is very humid. we have seasonal temperatures, and we will still see a few storms possibly as we go into wednesday. it's going to be hotter and some dryer w
to breaking news stories right now. first in bethesda, maryland a 7- year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after falling out of a window. it happened on wilmet road. rescuers tell us the boy fell from an unsecured second story window. he landed on the roof of a shed about eight feet down and rolled off and fell another 7 feet to the ground. he is expected to be okay. fire and rescue crews want to remind everyone out there do make sure all of your windows are secure. >>> in fairfax police and homicide detectives are investigating reports after human skull found in a ditch. police say they received a call about a person finding the skull at route 1 and furnace road in lorton. we have a crew heading to the scene. we'll bring you more details when we get them. >>> a developing story in prince george's county tonight. an armed suspect on the run ended up barricading himself inside an empty school bus holding police at bay for hours. tonight the or deal is finally over -- ordeal is finally over. wisdom martin is back with the new details. >> reporter: this started out as an attempted bank robber
this video of an uprooted tree on lynn hurst avenue. torrential rain, even hail pounds parts of maryland. when things quiet down, the damage is evidence. residents say they are glad no one was hurt. >> and i heard a crackling noise and when i heard a crackling noise, it was so much rain i couldn't see you know what was going on outside. so when the rain stopped i cape outside and i seen this. >> reporter: weather experts will have to determine what came through the area, but the damage is clear. let's take a look at this tree here. it's a fairly old tree. whatever hit it came through hard and split the tree in two. >> that's incredible, that's a really healthy tree that got split in half. >> reporter: in west baltimore it appears lightning was the cause of this fire that set the home ablaze. >> it was just smoking in the middle. all of a sudden the flash started right there in the corner and that was it. >> reporter: and as we were out observing the area, we would lake to say that most of the votes streets we saw were barely passable. back to you, vic. >> okay, kai. the storm knocked ou
. >>reporter: plans forrthe paak re approved it would open ii the ffll of 2011. >>> maryland woman got he surprise of her life today when she found out she won 1 million dollars. her reaction and what she plans to do with her lottery wings later on fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> and looking live at ourr6 c sky watch hddradar. morr útorms could poppup toniggt. vytas tells us next what we can expect in the sky watch úorecast. >> as a citizen i haae done evvrything right. i haaennt -údone anythiig wwong. >>reporter: and this man says city police mistakenly towed city police mistakenly towed he has to we'll tell yyu why if jo baltimore man says he is not nce but twice. and hewed blames police or sloppy paper workk john tells us why the man is so upset. john? >>reporter: ell adriennn johnssn admits the first time his car wasstowed it was his fault. he blames pplice for togetter t a second time.. johhson saysshh iniiially thought the car had been stolen.. he called police towed by aaprivate company. % heepaid 300 dollaas to get thh car back. then he callld police to let them noww h
. all right, we'll check in there live in a couple minutes. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. let's send it over to lanette. >> good morning, everyone. we are dealing with rain across the area this morning. it is starting to move out. you will have a break in the action and get back into it as we go into the afternoon. take advantage of the break. check out the headlines. we are unsettled. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. it's also very humid this morning. so as we go into the afternoon, but it is seasonal outside as we go into the afternoon as well. few storms for wednesday and it's going to be hotter and it's going to be dryer by the end of the week. check out maryland's most powerful radar. i zoomed in on this area. this area basically prompted a flood advisory, and also eastern queen county, about an inch and a half has fallen in the last hour or so. so you can see that in the red there. that's some very heavy rain. greensboro, and also ridgely. let's get a check on the traffic with kim. >> thanks, lanette b.. be sure to take it easy
12 times outside a mt. vernon night club. >>> a maryland teenager finds herself at the center of a terrorist attack while watching the world cup in uganda. kelly mcpherson has more on the survivor. >> reporter: a maryland teen on a church mission trip with her grandmother sat in the croid watching the -- crowd, watching the world cup when the bomb exploded. >> they were having lunch whennette blast lappenned -- happened. >> reporter: emily kersetter is getting treatment for the attack. >> felt like i was asleep and was dreaming. then i realized my leg was bleeding. >> reporter: kersetter is a junior at mt. de sales academy. recently she wrote about her upcoming trip. >> she was most excited about helping others. >> reporter: a group with lirchs to -- links to al qaeda have claimed responsible. it killed a man who attend the university of delaware. they are continue -- determined to continue their work in uganda. >> i have to go back and see all of my friends. >> god is bigger than evil. >> i am thankful to be alive because if i was sitting two seats to the left, i would have l
maryland voters shows bob ehrlich and martin o'malley in a dead heat. telephone survey shows 47% support bob ehrlich while 46% favor martin o'malley. back in february, the same poll had o'malley with a six-point lead. neither candidate has introduced immigration reform. o'malley is backing the obama administration to file suit over arizona. the governor said he would rather see this over the next four months. ehrlich supports arizona's law saying the federal government has repeatedly failed to address this issue. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what issue do you think should top lawmakers' agendas over the next four months? e-mail your response to again, that is >> nearly three months after the oil began spewing from the gulf of mexico, bp believes they may have found a way to contain the spill. kate amara has more. >> bp says they will begin test on a new cap and they should know within 48 hours if it is working. the latest hope to stop the oil from spilling. a new containment cap has been replaced, something they h
at the 6,000 block of radicky avenue. >>> one of money magazine's top areas to live, right here in maryland. columbia and ellicott city rated number two. it's the only spot in the mid atlantic region to make the top 20. >> the combination of ellicott city and columbia means that we have a great place, great quality of life and now the rest of the country knows what we have known all along. >> gaithersburg ranked 25. rockville came in at 31. the list will be announced next month in money magazine. >>> it's 5:06 and day 85 of the oil spill and bp is testing a new cap. >> i'm emily smith in washington. this is a big day in the gulf of mexico. as everyone waits to see if this could be the beginning of the end of the oil spill. that story is coming up. >> we have an inch of rain, and there's more on the way. let me show you what's going on right now. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar. those red, heavier rain coming down an inch an hour. looking at that, and then check out some of these temperatures as we go through this morning. manchester at 71. and mount arie coming in at 70
and philadelphia areas, finding a flash flood concern into the evening here. check it out, maryland's powerful radar. see what is on the move. a little bit of a slow moving line. i will be honest we thought it could be here earlier but does steadily continue to move toward baltimore, pounding places like front royal virginia, monassis and culpepper expecting it to reach us in the next hour or two. 80s. murky, humid, storms moving in out of the west, talk about how your forecast plays out through the day tomorrow and also, a look ahead at that weekend forecast coming up. kelly. >> thanks. because of that there are worries the weather could be an issue tonight for extreme make over home edition crew. right now abc 2 news don harrison live in northeast baltimore while they hammer away trying to get built for the boys hope girls hope project. don how is it going? i know they have had some set backs. >> reporter: well, kelly, there has been some. as you can see there is a lot of work going on behind me 24 hours a day. that big truck behind me is full of dehumid fieres and fans to combat the moistur
and for the next couple days. the storms are lined up along the mid atlantic coastal areas. maryland has been hit hard. a couple of waves have tracked through. another round is coming into baltimore city from the southwest. this batch of thunderstorms also accompanied by lots of lightning. that is one of the dangerous features of these. there were strong winds with the storms. there was some hail reported. the strongest ones are rolling at howard county up to southwestern baltimore county. they will push across the city. heavy downpours are possible. there may be strong and gusty winds. the winds did knock down some branches and do some damage this afternoon. i read has been out and about investigating some of this damage-- kai reed has been out and about investigating some of the damage. and that they did not bargain on what came along with the rain. -- >> they did not bargain on what came along with the rain. this and burned for several hours. >> i was scared. then she heard a loud bang and saw flash of light. >> the lightning struck the power lines three times. then the fire department got her
storms moving in, maryland's most powerful radar, tracking those storms off to the west right now. these storms down in northern virginia will continue to track further and further into the baltimore area, probably arriving approximately around the 6:00 p.m. hour, 6 or 6:30. this evenings forecast, we are talking 80s. murky, humid conditions and storms moving in out of the west. again, that flash flood watch will continue into the wee hours of the morning, the second line first of which produced heavy rain. more on the outlook tonight, flash flood concerns looking ahead to the much better pattern. >>> kelly. tonight many people are dealing with the storm clean up. take a look at this mess. chelsea carlyle avenue where trees crushed two cars and scattered broken trees. one of those was robert now looking for a way to get around. >>> they make noise because the wind, thunder, lightning was all happening the same time. i didn't hear anything, and i just saw it after it came down. >>> damage we are ported all over our area, baltimore county, bge said it restored power to more than 32,
told you about a few moments ago in caroline county in maryland. that has been taken down. no tornado warning in caroline county as the storm system as we showed you has pushed into delaware. what you are seeing dehere, i will get a closer look at it. the counties in red is where we do continue to see a tornado warning that's in effect for t about another 15. and that's in kent county and central delaware and newcastle county in northern delaware. de there is your storm system. it rm slooks less impressive, b still tornado warning in effect until 7:15, efnot in maryland b in delaware. current conditions, we're delan seeing rain across the washington area. what we are gtonseeing is some misty conditions and a mix of clouds and some sun. 75 degrees is your current temperature. 84% humidity. winds out of r erthe southwest miles per hour. here is your forecast for today. mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms are likely. k it will be warm and humid. high about 87 and degrees. de that's a look at what is a happening with the weather. we we athave more coming up in a little bit. right no
truck and ambulance are blocking one lane. on the maryland side, 410 closed jones will road, no problems between richmond and baltimore. metrorail is reporting normal service. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> thousands of people will wake up in the dark this morning. pepco is supporting 2000 pilot outages in montgomery county. 1200 and prince george's county. more than 600 in d.c. without power. 2500 customers in northern virginia are without power. >>> let's turn to our top story. commuter chaos on mental's red line. krystl-- on metro's red line. enough is enough with the broken escalator. >> it was not a hot weather that had commuters fired up. >> i said there's no way there would not be one escalator and working. >> if not one of the six escalators at the two entrances to the dupont circle metro stop north. that meant nothing and puffing up 150 stairs. >> apparently they felt it was no big deal. >> the transit agency directed to those in need of help to the one elevator providing service. commuters say it was a long line and a long wait. >> there were a hundred people down there. >>
of list family. >> our other top story this noon storms battle maryland, knocking over trees and leaving thousands without electricity. bernadette woods is tracking more storms. we have more on damage from yesterday and last night. >> reporter: maryland needed the rain but not the lightning or spore rad difnlgt trees were down from anne arundel to north. for those hit hardest -- >> it was water pouring down. >> water was rolling down. >> reporter: it wasn't the rain tearing things apart. >> all you heard was this big boom. like a can non going on. >> reporter: downed lines left utility crews working. in a few spots lines were still hot. bge is urging them to treat them has dangerous. as for structural damage lightning caused one house fire. >> the smoke was in the vent, in the middle. all of a sudden the fire started in the corn. >> reporter: trees and heavy limbs also caused structural damage and cars also paid a price but there were no reports of injuries. >> as bad as this is because the wires are down and power went out, we are grateful that no one got hurt. >> reporter: a look at so
that for now, the immediate area is not picking up much rain, but western maryland has had heavy showers already. those showers are gradually moving in our direction. as you mentioned, we needed it. we're going to get some more tonight. we will have your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> this has all left a good bit of damage in our area. at the height of the storm, about 27,000 customers were without power in the baltimore area. the storm also brought down several trees in west baltimore. some of them landed on cars. >> our phone lines were down. he thought it was a small tornado. it was amazing to see my neighbor's tree down. >> a massive tree fell in the front yard of this church. neighbors say that tree was over 200 years old. you can track storms right down to your own at st. using our interactive radar at >> two more deaths have been linked to the heat in our area, bringing the total to 12. state health officials have not released information on the victims, but do say they were both found inside homes without air conditioning. >> a baltimore man wa
and lightning roll ttrough most of maryland this afternooo. the stroog storms brought some much needed rain. but also left behind some damage. hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. investigators are trying to figure out ii heavy rains and collapse of a vacant home in the city. clean up crews innwest baltimorr >> after workkng moot f the evening, crews have wrapped up deeolishing what is left of this homm in west baltimore. step aside and show. you can see bricks litter theú sidewalk. there is debris all over. peopll that live in this neighborhood are not happy. instead they are frustrated because they said the calls to the city about the vacant home went ignored for years. late this afternoon, the home at 608 west lafayette crashed to the ground. for years, the family that lives next door have been concerned and let the city know about their concerns, about the vacant house and tree growiig inside oo ii. but several calls to the city, they say, did absolutely nothing. and the home that sat vacant for now there is a damaged car,,3 destroyed house and a family insisting i
you where the activity is n eastern maryland. most of the activity was along and east of 95. now it is limited to eastern portions of maryland. there is thunder and lightning. this is pushing to the east. on the left side you notice there is nothing happening in the area. we are precipitation free. and misty conditions. the current temperatures. 75 at reagan national and dulles. the forecast look for clouds. warm and humid. high will be about 87 degrees. that's a look at the weather. look at traffic. >> and between connecticut avenue and 355 that's what is tied up. and people waking up without power this morning. we have reports of trees and wires down in different locations. a good work around. and connecticut avenue and 355 because of the mess. once you head out. if you are run into the lights. treat them as a four-way stop. the bw parkway. lanes are open as you travel and north and southbound between the college park exit. and in good shape leaving 198 headed to powder milt road. back in. better news on 66. and lanes are now open and 95 picking up the usual suspects traveling
a look at maryland's most powerful radar, see that big cluster moving due north basically, closer look at the most powerful radar, you can see that line as it pushes in the belt line, catonsville, ellicott city, back through arbutus, you can see behind this line not much there but there will be more in the offering tomorrow. early forecast, 79 when you wake up, humid, maybe some sunshine early, then we're talking storms throughout the day as well as we go to about 87 tomorrow afternoon, an unsettled stormy pat turn, so when does it let up? we'll talk about that answer straight ahead. >> thanks wyatt. those storms have actually contributed to a very tough day at the site of the "extreme makeover home edition" build in northeast baltimore. the home is the largest project in the show's seven-year history and it's all so proving to be one of the most difficult as well. christian schaefer joins us live tonight with an update on how things are going. they wanted to get that roof on tonight. >> they sure did cemeterily. sometimes when you watch the show you might wonder if some of the drama i
to >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. bagood luck. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning to you patrick is kind of quiet out there. we're enjoying a nice ride for the most part. there is a downed tree in mount airy. 144 is still blocked in both directions. watch for that closure this morning. 60 miles per hour on the west side. no major delays out there. this is a quick live look outside. we are still recovering from the storm. the roads are slick. 83 it york road looks great. no problems on the west side at 40. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> things are improving weather- wise around baltimore after the big storms last night. parts of the caroline county and parts of delaware, some heavy rain and some lightning. that storm is moving east. most of you should have a dry commute. the chance for rain on the eastern shore counties. try it for most everybody during the middle part of the day. there is another chance for some thunderstorms. seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. fo
the n a death of a maryland marine said it should be allowed to protest military fuuerals. family of fa mathew snyder -aking it to supreme court. saying their rights to privacy was violateed whee westboro baptiss church of kansas church filed a brief saying snyder became a public figure when he agreed to be interviewed by the media after his son's death in 2006. youuthought albeer snyder was a public figure? ú%%-14 percent say e noo. tony in baltimore said, being aú retired soldier there is nothing more sacred than the funeral of a fallen sollier and no rrligioussorganization has the right to violate that. >> robert wrote on our facebook page saying albert snyder is a public figure now, but at the time of the funeeal he was nott dat, he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> go to and let us know what you think. you can souud off on faaebook. you can send us a tweeetat fox baltimore. text us to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and ww are going to heer more ressonses coming up tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> the video behind mm is
suicide vest near a nightclub in uganda's capital. the news comes as we learn the identity of the maryland teen injured in one of those deadly double-bombings in uganda. 16-year-old emily kersteda of maryland was injured. she right now is listed in stable condition and will undergo surgery later today. friends say that she was in uganda for a church mission trip. >> she was with her grandmother and they were having lunch at the ethiopian restaurant when the blast happened. >> 24-year-old nate tan of delaware is not fortunate. he was one of the people killed. at least four people are arrested. a somali group with ties to al-qaeda is suspected. >>> several escalators remain out of service at the metro station. crews are working to fix that problem but they allowed computers to walk up the escalators during this morning's rush hour. smoke filled the station during rush hour yesterday and several escalators up to the street were broken all day. >>> police used a taser to end a five-hour-long stand-off that ended in temple hills, maryland. a 48-year-old suspect is in custody. it started after 1
. >>> now good morning maryland. >>> this was not supposed to happen. baltimore buries another teenager. >>> academy prayed throughout the night and will update you tomorrow. we'll update you on the teenager hurt in the uganda bombings. >>> what about all that rain? what did it do to the project? was pouring down. >> wow, that's all i thought about when it was pouring. i thought about those poor volunteers. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. we want to know if that's going to happen. they are going to be out there again today. >> it just poured. here is lanet charles. >> you want the answer to the question, yes, we are going to see some more rain. we will get a little break, but it's going to move back in, as we go into the afternoon. so, off and on, tomorrow is going to be a much better day. here are your headlines. still unsettled. showers and thunderstorms. also, very humid outside, but we have seasonal temperatures. and then we have a few storms tomorrow and it's going to be hottedder tomorrow as well and dryer by the end of the week. check it
to a legal analyst about the indiccment. that is coming up in the 6:00 hour. >>> maryland's governnrrrace is thh new poll shows governor martin o'malley and former governor bob ehrlich are the resnnck poll did a poll over tte phone. responders prefer on candidates and 5% is undecided. a ssrhave a released llst week showed ehrlicc ahead for the first time leading by 3%. >> stay tuned to fox 455morning news for continuing coverrge of we will talk about how rellable polls are in a race four months out. that is coming up in an hour. >>> don't fooget the fox 45 neww has the lateet information on the run for governorr go to and click on the 2010 ivon in the news features stage. >>> the ooe bam adminnstrrtion s trying to sussend oil drilling in the gulf of mexico again. the interior department sayss33 ú%ere are new questions about safety and response capabilities and until thooe questions are answered a drilling suspensionn3 is essential..3 >>> attorney general errc hooder may not be finished chhalenging arizona's mmigration law, but as major garrett reports, the %-backlash by
wells. >>> now, to battleground maryland where our new poll finds a bob ehrlich with a one point lead over governor martin o'malley. the maryland primaries are expected on september 14. the general election is scheduled for november 2. >>> new problems for the city of rockville is another watermain breaks this evening. it happened at 10800 block of south glen road. this led to water restrictions that were lifted yesterday. >>> a bank robbery suspect is under arrest tonight after barricading himself for hours. they used a taser on the man after he holed himself inside a bus. the ordeal forced the neighbors to stay in their houses. turns out no one was hurt and the suspect was taken into custody. >>> coming up, if you are thinking of getting an iphone, 7 is on your side that you will need to see before you buy anything. >> and the move to keep the power on even if you have not paid your pepco bill. >>> a push to make sure everyone has power and their homes and d.c. leaders say it is a matter of life and death. >> they are behind an emergency bill that would prevent pepco from turning of
is in maryland with charges in the murder of a glen burnie dentist four years in the making and he was bludgeoned to death in 2006. and prosecutors say that -- the middle of robbing the dentist. hickman worked inside the office. both were indicted last week on a long list of charges including first-degree murder. >>> the news edge on virginia, where an 18-year-old autistic man sits in a jail and his mother is on a crusade fighting for his freedom. reginald layton is charged with assaulting a police officer. here's the question, is jail really the best answer in this case? tonight, we're going to take a look. fox 5s stacey cohan is here with what happened. >> reporter: on a mission to free her son and has launched an internet campaign. the local n naacp is helping out even though the issue is not the color of the men's skin. from the time he was small, reginald neely laton's mom knew he was different. >> small things like teaching a child how to tie his shoes, you know, pick up a spoon, eating, you know? >> reporter: it took years of frustration and specialec to get a hard diagnosis. autism. speci
this morning in eastern maryland. tucker barnes has a look at the forecast and what you can expect. >> a lot of cloud cover. very humid conditions, not raining across the d.c. metro area at this moment. but it will be later today as we have another round of showers and thunderstorms expected for our tuesday. let's get to the radar. we'll show what you is happening. and again as we get into the morning hours here, a lot of clouds across the area, a few rays ever sunshine. our overnight showers and thunderstorms are developed east of 95 so much of prince george's county, anne arundel county got a soaking and we had a tornado warning across sections of easter maryland and -- eastern maryland and into delaware. and it will never be a beautiful day as we stay in the clouds through the afternoon. very humid. dew point temperatures running in the 70s so our helltive humidity 80-90% across the region. very humid conditions. 73 in frederick, 79 in ocean city and 76 in fredericksberg. i guess the good news is high temperatures onlies in the mid to upper 80s and that's better. and a lot of cl
.. legisladores en de 20 estados incluyendo maryland y virg contan iniciativas similares... la popular obama continua en descenso, y podria pales d que han perdido confianza en el presidente obama "no veo nada que ha cambiado, no veo. aqui la misma cosa, los precios mas altos, nada ha cambiado." segun el sondeo realizado la semana pasada por el washington post y la cadena abc, 58% de los consultados tienen poca o ninguna confianza en las decisiones del presidente obama. y el 54% desaprueba del manejo economico de su gobierno. la mitad de los estadounidenses aprueba la labor en general del mandatario. fernando salgado cree que obama lo hace bien, pero que la oposicion no lo deja trabajar. "yo digo que si lo esta haciendo bien pero que si tiene la opinion contraria del partido republicano, que ellos no lo dejan trabajar al partido democrata." pero democratas y republicanos en el congreso reciben aun peores calificaciones que el presidente en la encuesta. segun el sondeo, 68% de los consultados tienen poca o ninguna confianza en las
a. police officers in a small maryland city say their careers were ruined after they reported corruption inside the department. it happened in new carrollton in prince george's county and now they have filed a lawsuit. fox 5's maureen umeh is here with our news edge exclusive. >> reporter: will, the former new carrollton police officers say they thought they did the right thing by coming forward with information about alleged illegal activity inside the police department. but they say instead of being producted rkt they ended up -- protected, they ended up losing their jobs and are now fighting to get their rep teagues back. when did you work for the new carrollton police department? >> in february 2008 for a year. >> reporter: a lifelong cop jeff hamilton says new carrollton recruited him to help its relatively young police department grow. >> i love police work. i love the integrity, the professionalism and the honor. a lot of it was lost. >> reporter: but he and three other former officers said there were problems inside the department good when you get called in the middle
she will be charged. d. c. law requires drivers to stop for pedestrian in a crosswalk. >>> a maryland teenager is among the wounded from the uganda attack. she's being treated for a severe leg injury in south africa along with four other missionaries. all are expected to survive. neighbors say the 16-year-old was on a church mission trip and eating lunch with her grand mother when the terrorist struck. >> my grand mother goes every other year on these missions and it's always been a great experience for them. >> a student from delaware was killed in the bombing. >>> time for another living smart report. we have a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> wall street is looking at earning season officially underway. more profit reports are due out this week. in trading so far today asian markets were mostly lower. the dow added about 18 points yesterday. the nasdaq rose one point. >>> a sweeping measure to change how the nation's financial system is regulated is one step closer to passage. republican senator olympia snow of maine says she will vote for this bill. she's the third repu
announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. >>> now, good morning maryland at 9:00. >> i'm jamie costello. good to see ernestien shepherd. way to go. and there's some guy on the radio saying that buck canceled out all of his golf celebrity tournaments for the rest of the year. that is insinew ating, maybe he will get the orioles job. the guy on the radio married to the next person you will see on your tv. let's go live to fleetwood avenue. you have to go home, nice work today. very nice job. sheer megan pringle with a home makeover edition. >> good morning, jamie. i have it tell you what is so amazing. a if i recall that is going to call this place home. this was an empty lot. of course, there has been some setbacks. yesterday, there was a major rainstorm and it has certainly been tough for them. a ray of sunshine that i want to share with everybody. a bit of breaking news and the story keeps getting better and better. we just learned that any boy or girl that completes this program, they are going to pay for their tuition and their room and board, which is har
are in the very mug where low to mid-70s. the thunderstorms are rolling out on the eastern shore of maryland and away from us. we'll see a little break of sunshine or two here in the late morning or afternoon hours before more thunderstorms come rolling in. wednesday and thursday, looks like thursday will be the better day down at the beaches. our four-day forecast very nice indeed. we get nice and hot and steamy the way jerry edwards likes it for thursday and friday. >> we have to deal with power outages and trees down in the roadway. this is east/west highway at grubb road. west of this point it is blocked at jones mill road because of trees down. also, connecticut avenue at east/west highway, the traffic lights are out. in arlington, north military road, be careful there. high water had been in the roadway resulting in an accident. be cautious heading out this morning. >>> 4:42 is our time. critical vote today. the fda is taking up whether a popular drug should be pulled off the market. >>> a local teen among knows injured in the terror attack in uganda. >>> police reaching across cultura
to die off. there is still some heavy rain in some spots in maryland. most of it over on the eastern shore counties. we had some heavy rain in cecil county. most of you will have a dry tuesday morning commute. i think later on this afternoon there will be another chance for some thunderstorms. high temperature around 87 degrees. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we'll see what is on tap for the rest of the week. >> three people are dead after a man opened fire. police say a man walks into a fiber optics company yesterday and killed two people before turning the gun on himself. police say his girlfriend threatened to report domestic violence. >> a woman was killed after falling from a moving roller- coaster in the louisiana. she fell 30 feet yesterday from the extreme rollercoaster. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. an investigation is now underway. the ride will be closed. it is a new work attraction at the park. >> 76 degrees on tv hill. looking to spend a few days out of the country, it will cost you more. >> loss street has suffered some
up the skies over in india. in maryland police had to shut down roads at the trees were brought down. power outages left traffic lights and the dark. and more rain is on the way for later today. adam cascade has a look at our first forecast. is it going to be nsc afternoon? >> probably not afternoon but more so evening, and again, while we are sleeping. it looks like the best chance when we have most of the upper level energy moving overhead which helps trigger the showers and storms. you can see gray skies over the metro area. but we have sunshine in and around the shenandoah valley, which will contribute to the thunderstorm potential out west. gray skies right now. super doppler radar, heavy showers over the eastern shore. they are moving out of the region. locally looking at chances later this afternoon and especially tonight, with highs in the mid to upper 80's this afternoon. we will talk more about the warming temperatures later this week. >> so monday, today. adam, thank you. crews are repairing another water main break in potomac. a 24-inch water main broke along southland ro
, leesburg. 77 buoy, maryland. 80 degrees, annapolis. a look at the radar. not an awful lot going on just yet. a couple of rumbles of thunder on the eastern shore of maryland. those storms are moving away. there are more showers and storms starting to develop across eastern tennessee, eastern kentucky, far western virginia. we have many more dry hours left in front of us. one or two breaks of sunshine can still not be completely ruled out. that will allow temperatures to climb up in the mid-80s. afternoon showers and thunderstorms will become more and more likely. the extra cloud cover may delay the start of the rain and the thunderstorms. anything that does bubble up later today has the chance to reach severe limits. veronica will be here to keep you posted. >>> let's check out how the mid-day traffic is moving. jerry edwards joins us with the latest. >> good morning, everyone. a lot of detours and folks trying to find their way around with a lot ofñr roads that are closed. we a stretch of new york avenue blocked for a short time just a little while ago. it was a medical emergency just afte
, maryland. prince georges fire spokesperson, mark brady says that water mixed with some sort of unknown chemical. we have sky 9 on the way and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it into our newsroom. >>> new this hour, though, more developments in the jacks case. the union that represents dc's child and family services agency wants the mayor to reinstate three caseworkers linked to the case. jacks was found guilty of killing her four daughters last year. and three social workers were fired for allegedly not adequately responding to reports of abuse months before the girl's bodies were found. now, a labor board upheld an arbitrator's decision that adrian fenty, the mayor, should give the workers their jobs back. >> even before going to arbitration, administrators tell him that these individuals should not be fired. [ applause ] he decided at that time -- i'm the boss. i'm going to do what i want to do. he let them go. >> the labor union says the employees are collectively owed as much as $300,000 in back pay. >>> also new at 6:00, police have issued an arrest warrant fo
this weekend. >> we are now living here in the city of baltimmreeand the state of maryland. it's an opportunity for us to exprrss ourselves. for ussdancing is like prayer i3 motion. for ussto give thanks to thh creatorr the way we ove and the -ay we sttp has a meaning and purpose. we are rrally showing our teachiig whether ii be from a small childrrn to even at an oller age. it's a way to give people individualiallvisually what we ú ú% reporter: can youugive s a taste of what theyycan expect gg for it. -7 ♪3 ♪. >> reporter: the 36th annual pow-wow and native american festival is at the maryland fairgrouuds on saturday and -unday. for more information log on to it looks like it may be a wet weekend. anooher warm one, 90 degrees -aturday and sunday. ú%chance f shhwers on saturday, but this is an indoor event so a good chance to be indoors. there's a a little bit of rain weekend to come out and p>> we're gettinggmore rain today. i donnt know if that is legend or not, we may have to ask them if there'sssuch a thing as rain dance. we re look forwarr to more rri
: lavern glenn still has a picture of her dad. when george waters was found unconscious in his maryland apartment on march 26th, emergency medical workers made what to them what was an apparent call. >> he was laying on the floor for a couple of days and they assumed he was dead. >> reporter: but an hour and a half later a forensic technician saw him breathe. >> the rescue team went back down to the man's house and they said the man was alive. >> reporter: his daughter arrived. >> ems workers were very nasty and rude and they would not allow me to go inside of the ambulance with my dad so i could at least hold his hand or be able to talk to him. >> reporter: he died the next day. >> would he have lived, i would not have known. but i don't think that the ems workers determined whether my father lived or not. >> reporter: the workers who made the mistakes were retrained. >> there should have been something done. a suspension or something. i lost my father and they were only trained for two days. >> reporter: fire spokesmen mark brady says they have retrieved the best county has to offer.
for hours last month, now they are eligible for special benefits from the maryland transit administration. they receive five free vip passages for a marc train. on june 21st a train broke down leaving passengers stranded without air conditioning. two people were taken to the hospital and treated for heat exhaustion. >>> a catholic priest has been arrested in fairfax county accused of sexually abusing a child. he is from wheeling, west virginia. 44-year-old felix owino was taken into custody last wednesday. he has been suspended. he was on summer break from his teaching duties when the alleged incident happened. he has a court hearing september 2. >>> d.c. police are trying to figure out what happened to a double shooting at 7th and o streets northwest. two men were shot. both are expected to survive. police have not released any information. >>> d.c. police believe they may have solved five murders with the arrest of one man. ron brosbon jr. was arrested on friday. he was involved in at least five deadly shootings dating back to 1994. >>. >> the d.c. council is considering legislation to
the august recess. >>> a dead heat in the maryland governor's race. a new poll shows former republican gov. bob ehrlich leading martin o'malley 47-46. 5% are undecided. >>> still ahead, an emergency push to keep the power on. we will tell you who is behind it and why supporters say it is so important. >>> there's more rain on the lead and we need it. >>> there's more rain on the lead and we need it. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. i catake one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. >>>> 6:10 on this tuesday morning. it is damn about side, which is good because we need mo
chase, maryland, where neighbors are taking a close look at the health of their trees after high winds knocked down a tree on east west highway. crews clear out and haul away chunks of a tree in chevy chase. heavy rain and high winds split the massive tree in two this morning and toppled power lines, knocked down the traffic sign and crashed on to this van. fortunately, the driver was okay, but kelly murray and her seven-year-old daughter, sloan, weren't as lucky. they died last summer when a tree fell on their car just a mile down the road from this morning's incident. >> these trees do cause a danger. >> the healthy tree is more likely to fall than a sick one. >> because a healthy tree is full of a lot of heavy, healthy foliage and when you get a combination of high winds, saturated soil, where the roots can't hold anymore, the healthy trees is like the wind hitting a sail in a sailboat. >> even though we are getting plenty of storms and showers this week, cannot undue the damage done by this very dry summer so far. in arlington, at least a dozen public trees have died. two truck
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